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When a pipe breaks and your home or business has water damage and you need a company that is experienced in water damage restoration and has the man power to handle large loss you can count on Service Max Cleaning & Restoration to be on your property in 1 hour or less. The fastest way to handle a large loss is the arrival time. Our 24/7 emergency response team will be at your property quickly and work efficiently with our certified technicians to extract water with our powerful truck mount equipment. We will move your furniture to dry areas and extract as much water as possible to gain ground on your damage restoration job so that we can save as much as we can in your emergency. Our trained technicians will check all areas and make a report so everything gets detailed in the the job scope. Then we will begin the drying process by removing baseboards and opening specialized holes throughout the walls so our drying equipment can dry your walls to prevent mold from growing in the future. With our powerful air movers and dehumidifiers all of the areas will dry completely within 5 days. Treating all the walls and flooring with antimicobial chemicals to prevent mold growth. After all the areas are dry we test the air and the surrounding areas to make sure all is complete. Documenting and making sure everything has been detailed so you will be safe with your  Insurance company. We act as your agents in the whole prosses so you as the customer will have peace of mind and not have to worry about what gets fixed and what gets replaced. Service Max Cleaning & Restoration has over 30 years experience in the restoration Industry in Miami, Florida. We know that in your time of crisis the worst thing is to be worried about what your insurance company is going to pay, so we take care of you in the whole project. Trust us in your emergency and see the results that Service Max delivers. Call one of our reps at 305-856-1333 www.servicemaxrestoration.com 


Water Damage in Miami, FL. 305-856-1333 www.servicemaxrestoration.com

Service Max Restoration Has long been known for water damage restoration and water removal in Miami, Florida. Our trained and certified crews know that when a pipe breaks or a toilet overflows you can count on our 24/7 response team to get into overdrive to handle your emergency disaster in the most convenient way so that you as the customer will not suffer any major damage. Service Max Restoration has been serving the South Florida area for many years and has the equipment to resolve your water damage quickly and with the utmost care. We have over 30 experience and have the workforce to properly extract 90% of the water and then the rest is handled with our special drying process. We carefully move your furniture, then replaced them back to the original position after the extraction process has taken place. How many times have you seen a company come in, that tells you they can handle large loss, then only to find out later they didn’t have the proper equipment to dry inside the walls to prevent issues later. We at Service Max Restoration will scope your job and proceed to give you a cost estimate and we will bill your insurance company with out charging you a penny. We know how to act as your agents in getting you the money needed to restore all of your property. Trust Service Max Restoration to handle every part of your claim in Miami, Florida. Call one of our claim representatives to show you the best way to get damage restoration taken care of quickly and efficiently right when you need it. 305-856-1333 http://www.servicemaxrestoration.com